Posted by Avi Chesla, Founder & CEO on Dec 5, 2018 6:42:37 AM
Avi Chesla, Founder & CEO
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Big data is not only getting big, it’s also getting very expensive. Most SIEM vendors charge customers by the volume of data they handle. This means not only that companies usually end up spending more on protecting their networks than they originally planned, but also that they can’t predict, or budget, their security expenditure ahead of time. Add to this additional costs (support, new functionalities, etc.) and CISOs often find themselves facing a very long and unexpected bill. 

I’ve recently talked with a number of CISOs who are shopping for new SIEM technologies just a few months after deploying Splunk, LogRhythm or other technologies. At first I was surprised (they just spent a lot of money on a SIEM, why start looking for another solution already?) but then the picture came into focus: these CISOs have realized that the original purchase contract was only the beginning! They kept getting bills for additional services as the volume of their data grew. Looking forward, these CISOs are actually willing to switch SIEM vendors at the very beginning of a contract, not only to improve their security coverage with our intent-based SIEM, but also to ensure predictability and be able to budget ahead.

As a company, we at empow decided that our pricing model would be based on the customer organization’s size – number of hosts – and will not fluctuate with the changes in data volume. The transparency and predictability this enables our customers, together with our unique AI powered, intent-based SIEM technology, is a game-changer.

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