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Avi Chesla, Founder & CEO
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2018 is now over, and for us in the cybersecurity community, there’s a lot to reflect on. Remember March of 2018 – MyFitnessPal suffered an attack that compromised 150 million accounts?  Don’t remember? That’s because there have been hundreds of severe attacks since – Marriott,  MyHeritage, who can keep up?  According to Forbes, 34% of U.S. consumers have experienced a compromise of their personal information over the last year, and there were 2,216 breaches in the year ending March 2018!

Our industry is in the headlines nearly every day.
And for the wrong reasons.
Is it any wonder cybersecurity is suffering its own breach of credibility?

If you listen to the sales and marketing pitches our industry continually rolls out, it seems like they’re living in a very different world than the one in the headlines. Their slogans promise a glorious new world of AI, reducing false positives, detecting the unknown, next-next-next generation…
Dozens of vendors – whose offerings are actually more similar than they are different – are jockeying for a share of the cybersecurity pie.  But they are generating less and less confidence, as they make too many claims which have left customers frustrated, angry and weary of hearing even one more pitch.
If there is one thing I wish for all of us in 2019, it’s a little more integrity.  Let’s claim what we can really deliver as vendors, and regain some trust.

Let me end by turning to empow for a moment – yes a bit of self-promotion but no exaggerated claims, I promise. 2018 has been a milestone year for us.  We saw our sales triple, adding major customers in higher education, telco and financial services.  We were granted our sixth patent, solidifying our strong technological basis in AI and NLP.
This is the innovation behind our intent-based SIEM, which delivers the ability to classify incoming threats without the futility of a rules-based approach.
We’re closing the year on a high note – having recently announced an OEM partnership with Elastic. Elastic’s community-enriched data lake is the ideal complement to our SIEM, and we are very excited about bringing this integrated solution to customers.

So let’s raise a toast to 2019.  May it be a year of exciting technologies and renewed faith in our industry.  A year we can all be proud of !

For more information on empow's i-SIEM visit our product page or download the datasheet.

Avi Chesla
empow Founder & CEO

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